16 décembre 2008

France vs California

In Decanter, recently, the Californian Wine Intitute director's made this interesting comment:

'The Californians do very well what the French don't do very well, which is to find out what the customer wants.'

This rings so true. But what could possibly do the Californians, except market their wines the best they can to please the average consumer, when so few people know of their vineyards, their history, their values? If they have any. Which does not mean that their sales increase in the UK is not impressive.

But Decanter readers are not really into £3-£8 wines, are they?
So I'll stick to the "bad marketing" of the French (or Italians, for that matter), whose range is so diverse that I can always find a wine to suit my tastes. They don't have to market them for me, I like them the way they are, I'm glad I can still be surprised by such an old-fashioned "offer". And wines made by winemakers the way they believe the wines should be, reflecting their soils and traditions, not the way I want them.

And what would I want? Life is too short to drink one kind of predefinite wine with one kind of "suitable" dish... I don't buy "good-for-pasta" wines, nor Fat Bastard wines (see, some French do "market' their wines, but not always the best). "A bon vin point d'enseigne?"

But of course, I do not shop at Tesco's or Asda's, where wine must sell itself, fit in categories, answer a specific demand, address a specific customer base, with appropriate labels. There, a kangaroo  has more impact than a cru.

It takes all kinds of customers to make a wine market!

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12 décembre 2008


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