28 décembre 2008

A consommer avec commisération

Attention, en 2009, on annonce un film tiré du livre d'Hervé Chabalier "Un dernier pour la route", tourné par Philippe Godeau. Le film entend raconter "le combat d'Hervé Chabalier contre l'alcoolisme".

Je propose qu'on demande que soient apposées des mentions sanitaires sur les affiches: "Attention, tout le monde n'a pas la même relation à l'alcool que M. Chabalier" et "Images à consommer avec commisération".

Parce qu'il ne faut pas mélanger torchons et serviettes, ex-alcooliques et vrais experts en matière de consommation de vin.

Au fait, le tournage a été tout sauf un long fleuve tranquille: Daniel Auteuil, puis Dany Boon, puis Christian Clavier, qui devaient interpréter le rôle principal, ont finalement jeté l'éponge. Vous parlez de tremblements dans le casting! 

Chabalier devrait donc être représenté sous les traits de François Cluzet, qui, bien que récemment césarisé, est nettement moins "bancable" au box-office.



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26 décembre 2008

Xmas Message from the President of FIJEV

"2008 has been a turbulent year. Not only has the world wide economic collapse affected wineries, importers and merchants, but our sector has been hit as well. A number of publishers have gone bankrupt or been sold, in many countries the number articles on wine has been has been reduced and demand for new books is anything but heady. Further, the spector of moral prohibition haunting certain countries has left an indelible imprint on our spiritual ink.

That, though, is no reason to become pessimistic. There has never been so much fine wine produced in so many far flung places of the world at such reasonable prices, which gives us so many new and interesting stories to tell.

Yes, consumption may continue to fall in certain European countries, but demand for the wines we want to write about continues to grow...and the excitement about wine in many emerging markets is particularly encouraging.

25 years ago, few of us would have ever thought that we would become wine writers. I am certain, the golden days of our profession are still to come. There will certainly be fewer single pens monopolizing the public view of wine, which allow ever more voices to sing their individual tunes.

Diversity of opinion is a part of wine's complexity that we should all embrace. That includes respect for those who do not share our point of view.

After all that has happened this year, I've decided to open two wines at lunch with my wife and children today that bring back memories. One is the 2004 Riesling Halbstück from Knipser in the Pfalz, which was one of the best mature dry German Rieslings that I tasted for this year's guide book. The red will be a 1985 Côte Rôtie La Mouline from Guigal. This was the last of seven vintages that I did with Marcel Guigal and the bottle was part of my meagre payment for assisting with the harvest. I know what it is worth today, but that is unimportant. This wine was hardly known back then, so I'll open it for the emotion that it provokes.

How many other 'cult' wines will we drink together in twenty years time that few of us have heard about today?

When the extended family arrives tomorrow, I'll revert to value for money!

I wish you all health, happiness and a Merry Christmas!"

Joel B. Payne
President FIJEV
Publisher and Chief Editor Gault Millau Wine Guide
Founding member of the Grand Jury Européen

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