18 janvier 2012

Ma cabane au Quercy

Borie Cahors.jpg


C'est une petite cabane de pierres sèches, dans une vigne de château Croisille.

Un endroit merveilleux qui vous ferait devenir poète, ou ermite, ou trousseur de filles...

Je vivrais là,

Sans autre toit.

Je troquerais mes vers de mirliton,

Contre un verre de Cahors très bon,

Un quignon,

Et quelques rillons.

Je n'aurais plus de compte à rendre,

Plus de coups à prendre.

Qui n'a pas rêvé, rien qu'une fois,

De vivre là,

A l'écart des grandes voies,

Toute droites, toutes tracées,

Histoire de se retrouver?

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12 janvier 2012

Jim Budd's Declaration of assistance

This morning, my dear colleague and friend Jim Budd published his "declaration of assistance' on his blog. It's HERE for all to see.

This sort of financial coming-out was apparently urged by a certain Warren Edwardes who seems to think we owe it to the readers.

I disagree. And here is my plea.

Dear Jim, I don't think I will ever make such a declaration, unless under a new nazi regime ;-)

Who needs to know how difficult it is for us to make a living out of wine journalism?

And why should one free train ticket or hotel room change the way I feel or write about the wines I taste? People invite me because they want to know what I really think (I hope).
You can declare what you want, Jim, and I am sure that you will do it accurately and honestly, but the demand by Mr Edwarde seems irrelevant to me.

Will you declare also your sexual preferences, your clothing preferences, your cooking preferences? Watch out - it could explain a lot in the way you review the wines you taste!

And what about the choices you don't make? When an editor sends you to one region instead of another one, do you know how much advertising his or her magazine gets for it? You see, to comply with Mr Edwarde's demand makes you look like you are responsible for everything when you are not.
Anyway, I suppose Latin people like me really don't feel the same way re these petty matters. We live in an imperfect world, and only our conscience can vouch for our behaviour. Or is it the other way round?

I guess I should think it over a little more - wish I had the time, because it is a important topic, but I have a familly to feed. Things to write in order to get paid.

Sorry if I spoke out of turn, it just had to get out, because I am fed up with this general "cleaner than thou" attitude in our so-called modern society (makes me think of Hoover-times in the US of A).

And I feel that willy nilly you give the Mr Clean-guys ammo when you don't have to. Might even become a rule one day; like having my little Cotton dog on a leash here, on the streets (new rule this year in Waterloo, Belgium), as if it were a Rottweiler. Till last year, rules only said the owner was responsible for his/her dog, that was of the essence - responsibility, not the means you use to prevent your dog from doing any harm or damage, just the responsibilty.

Likewise, I feel responsible for what I write, accountable for it, but I don't think my expenses can prove anything.

What about trust? Who said we were all potential offenders?

And don't get me wrong, Jim, I have nothing more to hide than you do.

Grr, I knew it was going to be a bad day, today, and my tooth aches.


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