10 octobre 2008

Mieux vaut en rire

Aucun rapport avec le vin, mais cela permettra peut-être à quelques petits épargnants inquiets d'oublier un moments leurs sushis, pardon, leur soucis...

From my friend Natasha Hugues, latest news on how the banking crisis is affecting Japan:
In the last 7 days the Origami Bank has folded, the Sumo Bank has gone belly up and the Bonsai Bank announced plans to cut some of its branches.

Yesterday, it was announced that the Karaoke Bank is up for sale and will likely go for a song, while today shares in the Kamikaze Bank were suspended after they nose-dived.

While the Samurai Bank is soldiering on following sharp cutbacks, the Ninja Bank is reported to have taken a hit, but they remain in the black.

Furthermore, 500 staff at the Karate Bank got the chop and analysts report that there is something fishy going on at the Sushi Bank where it is feared that staff may get a raw deal.



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08 octobre 2008

Curieux panneau


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