18 décembre 2007

Guide Evasoes 2008

Notre ami Anibal Coutinho - le Monsieur Vin Portugais - nous annonce la sortie de son guide Evasoes 2008. 240 vins au banc d'essai !


Plus d'info:  anibal.j.coutinho@evasoes.com.pt



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30 novembre 2007

All in good taste

A most interesting - and refined - communiqué:

"For those who appreciate the finer things in life, Blandy’s Duke of Clarence is the epitome of good taste. A glass of this rich, sophisticated Madeira will provide the perfect accompaniment to seasonal desserts and nibbles at your Christmas soirée.

Devotees will be pleased to note that although the traditional label has been given a smart new look, the quality of this timeless wine remains unchanged. Even when opened, a bottle of Blandy’s Madeira will retain to its characteristic freshness almost indefinitely!


Blandy's Duke of Clarence (New)


A wine of noble heritage, this full-bodied, softly-textured Madeira takes its name from the Duke of Clarence who met his end drowning in a barrel of sweet Malmsey wine. Today, Blandy’s remains the leading premium Madeira producer and is still owned by the early 19th century founders, the Blandy family, in partnership with the Symingtons of Oporto.

A superior wine in more ways than one…"

Judy Hurrell 


More info: judith.hurrell@fells.co.uk 

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