05 février 2015

La France aime le whisky... japonais

600 000 bouteilles: c'est le chiffre des ventes des whiskies de Nikka en France l'an dernier, selon son importateur, La Maison du Whisky. Un beau succès pour cette filiale du brasseur Asashi, qui possède deux distilleries, l'une sur Hokkaido et l'autre à Sendai, et exploite les marques Nikka, Yoichi et Miyagikyo.

Le groupe produit aussi bien des single malts que des blends, et même des single grains.



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Pyramids, jars and lizards

We can all give tons of examples of « generic » Bourgognes being better than Meursaults, « simple  » Languedocs better than Pic Saint Loup or even Minervois La Livinière, or even Vin de France being better than AOP wines…

To put a label on each jar is so very French (if Britain is a nation of shopkeepers, France could be seen as a nation of pharmacists, in the style of Mme Bovary’s Mr Homais). But once the jar is closed, nothing seems to be likely to change. Ever.

Some jars dating back from the glorious days of Baron Leroy still contain their lizards in formaldehyde; in others, the formaldehyde has evaporated and the little beasts are dried up and wrinkled – no one can still recognise what it was in the first place.

In another country, the pharmacist would throw them into the bin, but here, he prefers to add more jars on the shelf.

The customers don’t understand but they are not meant to.


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