19 avril 2017

Four glasses of Port

Extraite d'une nouvelle de Somerset Maugham, cette ode au Porto, que je ne résiste pas à vous servir dans sa version originale:

"You may look upon a bottle of port in two ways,' he said; 'you may take it as a symbol of a happy life or as a method of thought.... There are four glasses in a bottle. The first glass is full of expectation; you enter life with mingled feelings; you cannot tell whether it will be good or no. The second glass has the full savour of the grape; it is youth with vine-leaves in its hair and the passion of young blood. The third glass is void of emotion; it is grave and calm, like middle age; drink it slowly, you are in full possession of yourself, and it will not come again. The fourth glass has the sadness of death and the bitter sweetness of retrospect.'



W. S. Maugham, "The Choice of Amyntas" (1899).

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