25 février 2013

Fine, this is Findus!

Traduction automatique du billet précédent (qu'est-ce que je ne ferai pas pour gagner de l'audience...

Received from a friend who prefers to remain anonymous for reasons of anonymity (which I respect, David!), this wonderful aphorism which has the double merit of being totally rooted in a topical, challenging our experience at daily, and at the same time so it takes a timeless existential value, philosophical, mystical, it transcends religions, cultures, taboos, Vincennes Epsom through Chantilly ...

Well, in short, in a nutshell, without further ado, the quote in all its crudity:

"When I was young I was told:" Eat meat, thou shalt be as strong as an ox ...! "

Now, I realize that I'm hung like a horse ...!

Fortunately there is Findus! "

Unknown origin - too many intermediaries, of course ...

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